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This is the page for the french version of Phaedro's Funeral with Phaedro and musicians from Lavach.
For the version from Berlin go to
Confetti in his hair and a megaphone in his hand, Phaedro, always romantic, sings about his nocturnal wanderings, his unlikely encounters and doubts about this world... Borrowing from the Blues, Java, Rock 'n Roll and Circus Music, the songs from this German Tom Waits reflect the darkness and joy, the seriousness and frivolity of life.





"It is a story about a musician and singer from Berlin, Phaedro, who by accident meets a young French woman, Sévane, who plays tuba in a brass band in Berlin...

A decade before he founded his band, Phaedro's Funeral, for which he imagined and composed the music for his own funeral in a jazzy style with lots of brass.

You might think: 'Hallo sadness!', but not at all. After this meeting, Phaedro, as he was searching for musicians, restarted his project after four years with Sévane and his two new acolytes, Fred and François.

From then on the sound changed more to rock and cabaret music.  It is a crazy project, a mixture of burlesque and circus!

Performing between Paris and Berlin, the group apears in their own world that allows Phaedro to talk about his life, his lies, his weaknesses, his fantasies, as well as other things in life: 'The concept of the funeral allows us to do that. Death can also mean rebirth and therefore we can talk about what we have experienced'." (Ouest France)


"Phaedro is a singer with a fascinating charisma, his warm voice and humour charms the crowds!" (Musiczone)



Phaedro Fedrowitz: voice, saxophone, bagpipe

Sévane Stépanian: voice, accordeon

François Roche-Juarez: guitar, trombone, voice

Frédéric Birau Maliszewski: drums, voice

Concerts in France:

Festival du Volcan du Montpeloux - Festival Jours de Fête, St-Herblain - Festivallon, Avallon - La Classe, Festival AH- Parthenay, St-Hilaire sur Risles - La Motte aux Cochons, St-Hilaire de Chaléons - Le Coq Noir, St-Anthème - Le Violon Dingue, Nantes - Cabaret Escale, Migennes - Lou Pascalou, Paris - L'Alimentation Générale, Paris - Bar du Marché, Montreuil - La Timbale, Paris...


Concerts in Germany :

Supamolly, Berlin - Chamäleon Varieté, Berlin - Lovelite, Berlin - Haus der Sinne, Berlin - Tonelli's, Leipzig - Folklorum, Wolfsburg - Kulturverein Provisorium, Nürtingen - Magnifest, Braunschweig - Wyhalla, Weyarn - Scandale, Cottbus - Schloßfest, Spremberg - Magische Nacht, Wolfenbüttel...


Concerts in the Czech Republic :

Colours of Ostrava - Cross Club, Prague - A Studio Rubin, Prague - Vagon, Prague - Blues Alive Festival, Sumperk...

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